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Kindai Kagaku Sha

Kindai Kagaku Sha’s broad variety of technical and academic publications cover topics relevant to science, engineering, math, and physics. These include academic publications on math, mathematical science, information science, and information engineering, as well as physics and engineering textbooks for universities. It is expanding its scope to meet current needs for the advanced application of fundamental natural science knowledge.


Math/ Mathematical science/ Information science/ Computer technology/ Network technology/ Programming, etc.

Publisher's Recommendations



Written by Norio Iwase

Genre : Mathematics
Language : Japanese
Price : 2,400 JPY
Pages : 182 pages
Size : B5
ISBN : 9784764960343

This book is intended as an introduction to advanced mathematics for students with high school mathematical knowledge. One highlight of this book is that it uses upper and lower bounds to ensure rigor without resorting to the epsilon-delta method, and uses logarithmic and inverse trigonometric functions to derive the differentiability of exponential and trigonometric functions.


The Frontiers of Superconductivity Technology [Application]

Written by The Japan Society of Applied Physics(JSAP) Superconductors Division

Genre : Technology
Language : Japanese
Price : 4,500 JPY
Pages : 396 pages
Size : B5
ISBN : 9784764960275

30 years have passed since the superconductivity fever caused by the discovery of high-temperature superconductors. This book covers almost the entire range, from power applications to electronics applications, and is divided into two parts, "Methods" and "Applications".

詳解 マテリアルズインフォマティクス

In-depth Materials Informatics

Written by Kimito Funatsu / Takahiro Inoue / Daiki Nishikawa

Genre : Technology
Language : Japanese
Price : 3,200 JPY
Pages : 290 pages
Size : A5
ISBN : 9784764960237

Materials informatic s technology is beginning to be introduced in chemical research and development. This book details the fundamentals of deep learning as well as points to keep in mind when applying deep learning to chemical research. It also systematically organizes a number of noteworthy research results.


Fundamentals of Algebraic Topology

Written by Michihisa Wakui

Genre : Mathematics
Language : Japanese
Price : 3,500 JPY
Pages : 296 pages
Size : B5
ISBN : 9784764960183

This book is an introduction to topology. It provides an elementary introduction to fundamental and homology groups, including a review of topological spaces.

増補版 はじめての半導体デバイス

Extended Edition: Semiconductor Devices for Beginners

Written by Naoyuki Shigyo

Genre : Technology
Language : Japanese
Price : 2,300 JPY
Pages : 160 pages
Size : B5
ISBN : 9784764906440

This book is an expanded edition of the popular textbook Semiconductor Devices for Beginners. It aims to provide an intuitive and essential understanding of the fundamentals of semiconductor devices, and is designed for easy understanding, featuring many more diagrams than equations.


Continued Fraction

Written by Masanari Kida

Genre : Mathematics
Language : Japanese
Price : 2,800 JPY
Pages : 220 pages
Size : A5
ISBN : 9784764906433

The purpose of this book is to explain the basic theory of continued fractions, especially the theory of matrices, up to first-year college level. Each section contains questions focusing on calculations, and an abbreviated solution is provided at the end of the book.

Pythonでプログラミングして理解する 機械学習アルゴリズム

Machine Learning Algorithms: Understanding by Python Programming

Written by Kenya Jinno

Genre : Computer
Language : Japanese
Price : 2,700 JPY
Pages : 196 pages
Size : B5
ISBN : 9784764906365

This book first explains the algorithm of "machine learning" and provides an the actual programming of the machine learning moves in Python, so that the reader can understand the flow of the algorithm.


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